Vicious Mole Theatre Collective

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Midsummer Night’s Dreame
and Romeo & Juliet 2022

This Summer 2022 Vicious Mole Theatre Collective explores the power of love with two of Shakespeare’s best-loved plays, one comedy & one tragedy: A Midsummer Night’s Dreame and Romeo & Juliet.

Two classic tales of love’s trials & travails, with adventure, magic, tragedy, and sorrow, mixing and intertwining on a Summer’s eve.

Our ensemble of Shakespeare veterans from New Hampshire & beyond will raise both plays over the course of 5 days of rehearsal. Come back & see both shows to explore two radically different looks at love with the same cast.


We are playing at Shakespeare on the Green at Saint Anselm’s College Dana Center in Manchester, NH, July 21 - 30. All shows at 7:30pm.

Our Ensemble:

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Production Curator/Instigator – Andrew Codispoti (he/they)
Style/Design Coordinator – Jenry Towle (she/they)
Process Advisor – Ben Crystal
Production Advisor – Angela Hope Smith

Midsummer Night’s Dreame

Titania / Hippolyta – Jenry Towle (she/they)
Oberon / Theseus – Andrew Codispoti (he/they)
Puck / Egeus – Kimberley Miller (she/her)

Hermia – Emily Karel (she/her)
Lysander – Jimmy Stewart (he/him)
Helena – Julia Sommer (she/her)
Demetrius – Andrew Steven Knight (he/him)

Bottom / Pyramus – Joel Iwaskiewicz (he/him)
Quince / Prologue – Alex Natario (he/him)
Flute / Thisby – Liam P. Tanner (he/him)
Snug / Wall-Moon-Lion – Eli Cronin (she/her)

Romeo & Juliet

Juliet Capulet – Emily Karel (she/her)
Romeo Montague – Kimberley Miller (she/her)

Lord Capulet (Juliet’s Father) – Jenry Towle (she/they)
Lady Capulet (Juliet’s Mother) / Friar John – Andrew Codispoti (he/they)
Tybalt (Juliet’s Cousin) – Andrew Steven Knight (he/him)
Nurse (Juliet’s Nurse) – Liam P. Tanner (he/him)

Lord Montague (Romeo’s Father) / An Apothecary – Alex Natario (he/him)
Benvolio (Romeo’s Cousin) – Eli Cronin (she/her)

The Prince of Verona – Jimmy Stewart (he/him)
Mercutio (Kin to the Prince) – Joel Iwaskiewicz (he/him)

Friar Laurence – Julia Sommer (she/her)