Vicious Mole Theatre Collective


the bloodied hands of Lady Macbeth on Macbeth's chest, photo by Jeff Page Photography
Macbeth: a double-double production

This Fall & Spring experience a drum-beating, hair-raising, blood-pumping, two-faced production of William Shakespeare’s Tragedie of Macbeth. A creative collaboration between Glass Dove Productions, Theater in the Open, and Vicious Mole Theatre Collective, with producing partners The Firehouse Center for the Arts and the Players’ Ring.

September 22nd - October 1st 2023 in Essex County, MA
April 19th - 28th 2024 in Portsmouth, NH

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Ariana looking to the viewer's left, Andrew looking toward the viewer, photo by Katrin Talbot
Shakespeare's Duets: Turn & Change (ongoing)

Collective members Ariana Karp and Andrew Codispoti are devising Shakespeare's Duets, which explores how relationships are initiated, developed, and interrogated in Shakespeare’s plays. Your support of this project makes possible future performances & workshops exploring the techniques we used to create it.

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